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First of all, I hate when I don’t post for WEEKS, or on some of my blogs, Lady Eve’s Life not for months!  But enough said, here I am, and I’m posting!
I’m going to rush through this.  I had a virtual online (and offline) empire at one time til severe and constant life’s events nearly demolished what I had built.  But enough of THAT too.  I need some hired help.  I’ll make this post short enough, but I ONLY want serious enquiries and people with at least a little experience in anything I have mentioned, or, perhaps, have not.  You don’t even have to live in the same state as me or country, depending on what you do, and what we work out.  It’s the internet you know!  haha  Contact me here or message me on Yahoo Messenger at ladyeve6969.  Again, please don’t waste my time.  Oh, even if you just have a couple of hours a week to devote to helping, that could work!

Here, a corny thing I have run across, it’s an interesting Tweets Cloud. Oh, and my Tweet Me and FOLLOW me too! account, of course. 

Be sure to check out my calendar, and constantly be checking out my My Links page.  I am all over the net, as it is, and more places all the time.  I have about 100 links to post, or more!

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Where the Hell Does the Time Go? Relocating Too?

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I find it so hard, sometimes, to believe that SO much time has gone by with no posts, barely an update on links or blog design or anything! Ok then, I promise MYSELF to do more posting, more often, and with MORE MEAT!

Ok, enough of all that … it’s a start for posting more often.


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Random Definitions – Pro Domme & Dominatrix and a Russian Draganov

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Lady Eve Domme and Her Draganov?  You Tell Me!?!
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She Looks Dangerous!!

Random Definitions of Pro Domme

“A woman who acts out the role of the dominating partner in a sadomasochistic relationship.”

1. “Pro Domme – professional dominatrix, i.e. a female who is trained in the art of female domination for BDSM role play, and charges an hourly fee for sessions with male submissives.” (note by LadyEve Domme … females also!)
Borrowed from

“Someone who wants her cake and eats it too, from a silver platter delivered by a kneeling subbie who has paid for the privilege of serving one of life’s most wonderful creations.”
Edited from:
Random Definitions of a Dominatrix

“A woman regarded as overbearing.” Borrowed from the
“A woman who physically or psychologically dominates her partner in a sadomasochistic encounter; broadly: a dominating woman”… Borrowed from Merriam-Webster.

“A woman who plays the dominant role in a sado-masochistic sexual relationship or encounter.
“A woman who dominates”    Borrowed from

“A woman who practices BDSM in everyday life; a woman who controls her partner mentally and physically, usually in a sexual way. Vanilla people categorize this type of lifestyle as kinky. The Dominatrix is stereotypically pictured as wearing stilleto boots, black leather outfit, and hold a whip.

“A woman who gets paid to control a person, usually in a sexual way.
    not to be confused with a pro-domme – who offers BDSM services for a fee, but not necessarily sexual services.

“A female counterpart of a Dom.  Borrowed from


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As you can see, this is my first post on my Domme Blog here on Google.  This blog may end up resembling my new Domme Site I intend to have up and running within a couple of months, maybe sooner.  I have not  finished my blog pages in their  entirety, yet I am anxious to get it going. Things have certainly changed since my beginnings on Southerncharms, then Freakmommas!

I am a mix of Pro Domme, Pro Bitch, Lifestyle Domme, bisexual creature, freak and a REAL Woman and Person, so come along for the ride and see what is in store for ALL of us.  You can feel free to contact me for Session rates if you are near Augusta, GA or within a few hours from here, or perhaps even on another coast.  I love to travel, yet if I do, you may have to bear the cost of that travel.  I also film for my websites, so that’s another possibility which I will cover later.  I LOVE strap-on play with males AND female subs, and would LOVE to get hold of my partner’s hot ass too, not necessarily for the same reasons as I might a submissive.  He is not a submissive, nor is he a Dom, yet he is not Vanilla either.  A mixture of strap-on play, force, (perhaps forced-bi), and humiliation, and I’m a happy Domme.  There’s nothing like the feeling of a submissive little sub slut being man-handled by me in whatever manner that I choose, te he.

Oh, and I LOVE domestic servants as well.  I have not had the use, or space for one nearly as much in the last six or eight months since I am now living, yes, living, on a houseboat … at least for now.  I lived in a huge house in a snobby neighborhood that did not appreciate the comings and goings of sub servants, sessions and models, and, ironically, I’m not sure that this cliqueish (?) community would either, haha.  IT IS TIME again, though, to harvest a new crop.  If anyone is interested, locals or otherwise, get in touch. – Camsite, photos and video



Lady Eve Domme’s Monster Cock


First Post from Lady Eve ….

Yep, I’m bored, and here I am … trying to figure out WTF to do when I am bored right now.  It’s Friday night, not even 11PM yet, and my boyfriend and I are waiting on a friend to show up from out of town.  This friend is a ditz; says 45 minutes, almost there, oh hell, probably two hours …. ??  Damn, are you lost or something or high, or just plain … well, ummm, stupid??  These are the things I’ve considered:

  1. Leaving til the friend says they are parked in front of our houseboat.
  2. Masturbating.  Yes, sorry, I DID say masturbating.  I mean, that’s what I was thinking of doing …. so??
  3. Telling the friend to just come tomorrow once they are in town and settled SOMEWHERE ELSE!
  4. Fishing, but the f’ing fish are NOT biting!
  5. Going for a boat ride … but waiting on the damned friend.
  6. Going to bed.
  7. Masturbating.  Ok, so what if I like to masturbate a lot??
  8. Going for a car ride in the BMW my boyfriend worked on and has to keep til the am to make sure the battery is still alive when cranked!

Ahhhhh, we went for a ride to get something to drink and just enjoy the night air.  Then, what happens?  We hit a road block, big time, haha.  That’s ok, we weren’t drinking and seldom do.

Now we are fishing and the friend has come briefly and gone!

Nite all!


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